Sunday, 25 August 2013


Bright Fiery Red Alstroemeria

White Alstroemeria with pink shades

Beautiful Deep Yellow Alstroemeria

Pinkish Purple Alstroemeria

Enchanting Alstroemeria in Pinkish Orange color

Pink Alstroemeria

Light Pinkish Orange Alstroemeria

A solitary Purple Alstroemeria

Exotic Reddish White Alstroemeria

Beautiful Red Alstroemeria

Yellowish Orange Alstroemeria

Greenish Red Alstroemeria

Rare Alstroemeria in Pink, White and Yellow combination

Yellow Alstroemeria

Purple Alstroemeria

Red Alstroemeria

Sweet Pink Alstroemeria

Orange Alstroemeria with dew drops

Light Pink Purple Alstroemeria

Purple Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria symbolizes Virtues of friendship and devotion, Wealth, Prosperity and Fortune. They are lovely and valuable. Alstroemerias, which are often quite rich in color are used in the flower vase. They can last for two weeks and are also known as cut flowers. Alstroemerias bloom most freely in the summers and come in almost all shades of the rainbow except true blue.

Alstroemeria plants can grow from one foot to three feet tall, and can spread upto one to two feets. They start blooming before the mid-summer and comes in broad range of colors including red, pink, lavender, purple, yellow, orange, and white, often with a contrasting throat color, splotches and streaks.

How to Grow Alstroemeria

Alstroemerias should be planted in an area which is partly sunny and slightly shady. It grows best between May and August and requires a well-drained soil, full of nutrition. They should be supplied with plenty of organic matter, and watered regularly. A slow releasing fertilizer should be added in the spring season.

The taller plants needs support in form of stalks, so that they do not collapse (fall down) in the winds or rain. Alstroemerias produce too much seeds, and should be dead-headed after they have done blooming to prevent them from spreading excessively.

How to Care for an Alstroemeria